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Bride and groom Kissing with red dancing floor lights barn at smith lake

Dance Floor Lights

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Bride and groom Kissing with dancing floor lights at barn at smith lake

What's a party without fun lighting?

Dance floor lighting transforms the room while creating a fun and festive environment. These Chauvet Professional lasers and moving rotator lighting-crafts add excitement to the dance floor. 

A joyful bride dancing with their friends on a dance floor, surrounded by vibrant lights at Park crest.
Guests with glowing sticks celebrating on a dance floor at a wedding in TJ Tower.

They are programmable moving lights that are in sync with the music being played. Operating at different speeds and intensity levels to fit the music being played, this lighting is sure to bring life to your party, wedding or any event in order to create the perfect ambience.

Couple dancing at a wedding with glowing sticks and dance floor lights at The Barn at Shady Lane.
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