With our wide range of special effects, we can help you with your Wedding or Event ideas. Create the fairy tale of your wildest dreams using our Atmospheric Effects.We provide something as simple as falling snow, cold sparklers, or dancing on the cloud during your first dance for a fantastic, fun, and picture perfect wedding reception party. 

Dancing On Cloud

Dancing on cloud effects adds that magical touch and makes for amazing First Dance pictures. The effect will last your entire first dance but the memories and WOW factor among guests will create the most perfect pictures to cherish for eternity.

Cold Spark

Cold spark sparklers are the perfect choice for extremely enhancing first dances and grand entrances/exits. Our indoor or outdoor Cold Spark Sparklers are revolutionary sparklers that use no heat, fire, flame, or dangerous combustibles to create beautiful showers of sparkles. The Cold Sparklers create the perfect touch to your photos that will help to create memories that last a lifetime while giving your guests that memorable ‘wow’ factor.


Snow Effect

With our range of special effects, we can help you with your winter wedding ideas and provide something as simple as falling snow during your first dance for a fantastic wedding reception party. Our snow maching is a silent snow machine strategically placed on a truss high up in the room for easy and flawless delivery to wow your guests and create a moment that will last for a lifetime.


C02 Party Gun

These gun party cannons blast out a cold air that is safe to inhale, and cool to dance in to, creating a stunning visual effect as well as good vybe in any party. Your crowd will feel the cold atmospheric change and cool down immediately as your gun discharges this super cold CO2 into the air. The CO2 Cannons help to get the party started for your event when it’s time to dance the night away. If you want a celebration, we’ve got you covered with these additions.

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