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Dj Platinum

The DJ Platinum Experience

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Dj Platinum Birmingham's Top Event Dj
DJ Platinum Birmingham's Top Wedding Dj


Welcome to the dynamic world of DJ Platinum, a beacon of musical versatility and entertainment in Birmingham and surrounding areas for over 15 years. Known for his open format DJing style, DJ Platinum effortlessly blends genres from top 40, club, hip hop, R&B, to old school and classic rock, ensuring every performance is uniquely unforgettable. His expertise not only lies in his eclectic music selection but also in his ability to turn any venue, large or small, into a full-fledged concert experience with his professional, state-of-the-art sound and light show.


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DJ Platinum's dedication to providing a complete and unparalleled musical experience sets him apart as the most complete and versatile DJ you'll ever encounter. His performances are more than just music; they are immersive experiences that engage and energize audiences, making every event a memorable spectacle. For those seeking a DJ who can elevate any occasion into a legendary celebration, DJ Platinum is your ultimate choice, promising a night filled with seamless beats, vibrant lights, and non-stop dancing.

Demo Mix

Dj Platinum Hip Hop Mix cover
PE Demo mix
Dj Platinum Top 40 Mix cover


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