Uplighting - This is the most affordable way to decorate your reception venue and create an ambiance that is unique to your event. Platinum Entertainment specializes in LED par-can lights and colorband strips that are available in any color, including amber and UV black light. These light fixtures project washes of light adding color, warmth, and depth to compliment the colors of your wedding, reception, party, or special event.

Dance floor - Dance floor lighting transforms the room while creating a fun and festive environment. These Chauvet Professional lasers and moving rotator lighting-crafts add excitement to the dance floor. They are programmable moving lights that are in sync with the music being played. Operating at different speeds and intensity levels to fit the music being played, this lighting is sure to bring life to your party, wedding or any event in order to create the right mood that you are looking for.

Cake spotlighting - Your food display is a work of art let it be enjoyed and admired by illuminating it with cake spotlighting. Using a specially designed lighting fixture, a soft light is placed on the cake in order to illuminate the detail and work of the cake. Since the cake is a pivotal piece of the wedding, it is important to make sure that it is visible for photography as well as to the guests.

Custom Monogram - We will work with you to create a customized, one of kind monogram pattern that will help symbolize your unique style. Our event monogramming uses light and a pre-loaded custom Gobo style template that can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding, party or special event.

Animated Monogram - Looking for something NEW and DIFFERENT to have at your wedding reception – Platinum Ent is now offering Animated Monogram Lighting. Having a monogram light on the dance floor, wall or ceiling of your wedding venue will customize your wedding reception. Animated monogramming is the elegant final touch for a sophisticated event. The first thing your guests will notice when they enter the room is your name beautifully inscribed with light. This is the future of monogramming at weddings, corporate events and parties.

Texture lights project patterns on walls, ceilings, floors, dance floors, stages, etc to create depth, contrast and interest. Patterns can be matched to your events design choices to provide a fully immersive look and feel to the room tying in all the design elements together

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