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The Audio Guestbook

Imagine being able to enjoy various heartfelt messages from family and friends for a lifetime. The Audio Guestbook is a unique vintage style phone that captures well wish voicemails from your guests, which provides an alternative route to the traditional guest book.


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How It Works

A new twist from the traditional guestbook, your guests will pick up the phone and hear a personalized pre-recorded greeting from you. After the greeting, your guests will be prompted to leave a messaged after the tone. You will receive a digital file of all of the voicemails from friends and family to be cherished for a lifetime. Our audio guestbook phones are free from hassle as they do not require any plug-ins or wifi access. Simply pick up the phone and start making memories!


Step 1: 

Check availability & 

reserve for your event.

Click this link to check if the desired color/style audio guestbook phone is available for your event date. If available, we'll send you more information on how to reserve the audio guestbook phone for your event. 

Step 2:

Record your voicemail greeting and pick up audio guestbook from our office. 

Book a time (2-3 days prior to your event date) to record your personalized voicemail greeting that your guests will hear when using the audio guestbook phone. Get creative and make it fun! After recording at our office, take the phone with you for your event. 

Step 3: 

Event Day of Use.

Simply place the audio guestbook phone on a high top table (kid proof) and begin using. No need to plug in anything or connect to WiFi. An instruction template will be provided for guest use during the event.  

Step 4: 

Return your audio guestbook phone within 3 days after your event.

Simply return your audio guestbook phone to our office within 3 days after your event. Your voicemails will be compiled in a digital file that will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of your return date. 

Available Colors

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