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What brings you Here?


Our affordable Photo Booth rentals will allow your guests to capture the moment! These selfie stations are interactive and will add fun and excitement to your event. 


Event Enhancements

We provide something as simple as falling snow, cold sparklers, or dancing on the cloud during your first dance for a fantastic, fun, and picture perfect wedding reception party. 

With our wide range of special effects, we can help you with your Wedding or Event ideas. Create the fairy tale of your wildest dreams using our Atmospheric Effects. 

Texture lights partner with Dancing on the Clouds to make this wedding first dance a special one between the Bride and Groom.

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1. Phone Consultation

Share a conversation with absolutely no pressure to explore all of the ways that we can best serve you.

2. Book Your Special Event

Reserve all of the services and enhancements that you want for the date of your special occasion.

3. Begin The Planning Process

Gain access to your online planning tools. Submit song requests and fill out the helpful planning forms.

4. Planning Meeting

Schedule a planning meeting with us to review and finalize all of your event details.

5. Create Memories

Thoroughly enjoy your event without any distractions from us, knowing with full confidence that we will handle your entertainment needs according to plan.

First Dance between Bride and Groom in Birmingham, AL
Mr & Mrs Signage

Your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful or break the bank! Let us help you make your dreams come true. 

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Our Event Lighting lavishly elevates your event space by adding a unique and personal touch bursting with color for your special day. Let your event colors vibrantly shine through and add the finishing touch to your decor. By creating the perfect ambiance, your guests will be in awe of the breathtakingly gorgeous light scapes created by our event lighting services. 


Treat Yourself To The Experience


Entertainment professionals that care

We believe in doing business ethically and are very passionate about serving our clients. (After all, it’s our life’s calling.) Therefore, we always plan to exceed your expectations in ways that you would never think were even possible.

Online Planning Tools

Browse our entire music library and submit song requests. View a variety of song suggestion lists for traditional activities and popular song charts by decade. Work on the planning forms to organize your event details so that our team has clear directions on delivering your vision.

Experienced, reliable and consistent

We have been serving a vast variety of events for over a decade. We conduct team training sessions at our headquarters every weekday to grow our craft. We invest in the absolute best equipment to consistently deliver excellence across hundreds of events per year.

We never charge for setup and breakdown

Our fee is completely based on pure performance time only. Like we said earlier, we believe in doing business ethically here. It just wouldn’t seem fair to make you pay for how long it takes us to get up and running!

Support throughout entire planning process

It is our goal to plan the details in advance so that you can enjoy your event without any distractions from us. We support you throughout the entire planning process. As a matter of fact, we will schedule a planning meeting with you prior to your event.

Local and part of our community

We love our community and this great country! Our mission is to serve people and make the world a better place. This includes serving the lives and families of our clients, vendors and team members.

Wedding Guests dancing and enjoying our DJ Services at The Farm in Argo, Alabama.

Who We Are

At Platinum Entertainment, we offer a variety of services from up lighting, video highlights, and dance floor lighting to static & automated wall monograms for weddings and events, mirror photo booth rentals, and professional DJ services. Our services are available for a variety of events such as weddings & receptions, birthday parties, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, formal & informal events, and parties.

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  • What time will you be arriving?
    Depending on the services provided, we arrive between 1.5 to 2 hours before the start time to set up.
  • Will I receive a refund on my deposit if I cancel my event?
    No, the retainer fee (deposit) is non-refundable.
  • Do you have a mic for the ceremony?
    Yes, we cover the ceremony mic for the officiant.
  • Do you cover the cocktail hour music?
    Yes, we provide music for the cocktail hour.
  • Do you cover the announcements during the reception?
    Yes, we make announcements during the reception such as, wedding party introductions, table number buffet disbursement, cake cutting, etc.
  • Do you take music requests?
    Yes, we take music requests from your guests.
  • Can you match our wedding colors?
    Yes, we have full control of our lights to match any color (except black).
  • How much space do you need for the 360 Booth?
    We need a 10ft x 10ft space for the 360 Booth.
  • How much space do you need for your Photo Booths?
    We need a 8ft x 8ft space for our Photo Booths.
  • How much space do you need for your Pixl Booths?
    We need a 10ft x 12ft space for our Pixl Booth.
  • Will I receive a copy of all the Photo Booth photos and videos?
    Yes, you will receive a digital link of all the photos and videos taken from your event via email or the client site.
  • Can I design my own Photo Booth template or 360 booth template?
    Yes, you can design your own Photo Booth template or 360 booth template. Please reach out to us to get the appropriate template size for the booth that you have reserved.
  • Do you offer black and white photos (Kardashian Filter)?
    Yes, we offer black and white photos on all of our photo booths.
  • Do you offer backdrops?
    Yes, we offer a wide variety of backdrops that can be added to your package via the client site.
  • Do you offer props?
    Yes, we offer props as an add on to any Photo Booth package.
  • Do you offer Photo Booth prints?
    Yes, we offer physical prints with all of our photo booths.
  • How do my guests receive their photos?
    With all of our Photo Booths, your guests will be able to text themselves the photos as well as print a physical copy on site (for packages that include prints).
  • Can my Photo Booth template be customized?
    Yes, we customize your Photo Booth template to match your event. On the client site, you can upload logos, inspiration photos, etc. and add your event colors or theme along with the wording that you would like on your Photo Booth template.
  • Will I receive a proof of my Photo Booth template before my event?
    Yes, we will provide a proof of your template the week of your event for approval.
  • Do you offer Photo Booth guestbooks?
    Yes, we offer the option to add on a photo guestbook for your Photo Booth. The technician will instruct the guests to add their photo along with a message to the Photo Booth guestbook.
  • How many copies come with the Photo Booth packages?
    Our Photo Booth packages include unlimited prints. (Note: Printing is not included in the legacy booth or social booth packages. There is an option to add printing to these packages.
  • What if I have an epileptic guest at my event?
    Our lights are controlled by our technicians. We can turn off the strobing feature on our lights so that you and your guests are safe.
  • Do you offer black light?
    Yes, we offer black lights (UV lighting).
  • Can you match our wedding colors?
    Yes, we have full control of our lights to match any color (except black).
  • Does your wall texture lighting cover the whole room?
    No, our wall texture lighting only covers the main wall of the room.
  • Can you use our custom monogram file for our monogram?
    Yes, we can use the custom monogram file that you have for your monogram. It will need to be a high resolution file (no screenshots) to ensure that it is displayed properly.
  • Can our monogram be placed on the floor?
    We recommend wall placement for monograms, however, we can place it on the floor. Darker floors/ wood floors are not ideal for monogram placement.
  • How many uplights come with the package?
    We typically cover the entire room with uplighting.
  • How long does the dancing on the cloud last?
    The dancing on the cloud lasts for 2 minutes.
  • Does the dancing on the cloud machine damage the floor?
    No, the dancing on the cloud machine does not damage the floors.
  • Are the cold sparks a fire hazard?
    No, the cold sparks are not pyrotechnics, therefore, they do not require a permit.
  • Do the cold sparks damage the floor?
    No, the cold sparks don’t cause damage to the floor.
  • Can I use the cold sparks indoors?
    Yes, the cold sparks can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Can I do cold sparks for my send off?
    Yes, you can do Cold Sparks for your send off.
  • Do the cold sparks burn?
    No, they are COLD sparks. They are safe to touch without causing burn.
  • Do instructions come with the phone for the guests to read to help them use the phone?
    Yes! We have signage templates that we send via email for you to adjust as you see fit!
  • Does the phone need to be connected to a landline or wifi?
    No! Our phones are completely wireless and require no outside connection to work, which means they can be placed anywhere!
  • Where should I place the phone at my event to optimize sound quality?
    While it’s best to leave the phone in a quieter area of your event (as some background noise might get picked up), unless you’re literally right next to a speaker, your audio should turn out just fine.
  • What is the typical turnaround time for getting my voicemails back?
    Our audio editors typically get voicemails back to clients within 1 week after the event. Vinyl records take roughly 2-6 weeks to be completed and shipped. *Due to the influx of Fall/Winter events, turnaround times might be delayed a few weeks.
  • Do you remove any voicemails?
    No! You will receive every voicemail that is left at your event. The only time we will ever remove a voicemail is if there is hate speech being used.
  • Is there a limit to the amount of voicemails I can record?
    No! We will send you every voicemail that is left on our phones for you to cherish forever!
  • I didn't originally order the vinyl record - is it too late?
    No! We can invoice you separately for that whenever you are ready.